Posted: January 21, 2011 in Movies


Year: 2009

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 110m

Director: Steven Rumbelow

Writer: Steven Rumbelow, David Moody

Starring: Dexter Fletcher, Dickon Tolson, Lana Kamenov, David Carradine






  With a cough and a splutter of blood, one by one the population died.

  The few survivors that remain begin to find each other begin to plan for the future. Most want to seal themselves away, still not sure how, why or even if they have survived the sudden outbreak. They know they need supplies but how safe is it beyond the walls that now contain them?

  With initial silence the dead rise.

  Suddenly the streets begin to fill again as the corpses stand and begin to move. Seemingly blind, deaf and aimless at first, the survivors decide it’s best to respect the dead, even though they are dead no more. Thinking they’d be safer in the country, 3 friends break away from the main group and head off to find a new home.

  Suddenly the dead seem to be developing a purpose, a hunger and the ability to group themselves together…

  Based on the popular series of books by David Moody, Autumn is not a remake of Night of the Living Dead, even though certain aspects could easily be compared between the two. Autumn deals a lot with psychological horror and feelings rather than constant combat between the humans and the monsters. Loss, confusion, fear, desperation, all of these feelings are present in your typical zombie movie but whereas those seem to feel like they are hurrying toward their next fighting scene, Autumn takes it’s time to the point of not even having the zombies as a threat to start with, except for the concern that what they died of may still be contagious. The zombies walk in a straight line, unseeing and unhearing until they hit a barrier when they turn and continue to walk.

  As a viewer you, like the characters, get used to this sense of drifting that the dead have and so the scene where the characters turn around and the zombies have gathered and watching them makes for some creepy viewing. From here the tension does start to build, still slowly, nobody knowing when the attack will start but regretting giving them time to gather. And attack they do.

  I’m going to warn you…I know a lot of people that would hate this movie, saying it was boring. To be honest, if I’d have watched it in a certain frame of mind I may agree with them. As it was, I enjoyed the originality of some of the aspects of it, and in my view if there was going to be a zombie apocalypse, this is how I would imagine it, with the zombies initially coming back disoriented. After all, they’ve been in a state of no movement, senses or thoughts. So, as far as the zombie subgenre goes, I also thought Autumn was the most realistic I’ve seen. The movie did have one problem in my eyes…the unnecessary use of wipes when the scene shifted sometimes. I don’t like this style at the best of times, and for what was supposed to be as serious a movie as this was the wipes really didn’t suit this.

  All said though, Autumn was above average. I enjoyed the slow pace, once, but wouldn’t want to see it all the time. I’d look forward to it if they started planning Autumn 2, but I’m hoping this does not become the new trend in zombie movies. It made a welcome change but I like a bit more action and gore in my zombies. I am recommending this for sure to the guys who are patiently awaiting Season 2 of The Walking Dead. Will at least fill 2 hours of your waiting time. Like me, you may enjoy this.

  1. Adam Willis says:

    Good to see a positive review. I haven’t yet seen this film, but the series of books this is based off of make for a great read.

  2. Kate says:

    It’s a great movie. It really brings home the sense of loss and despair that teotwawki would bring. I always thought heading off to a remote farm house would be the way to go but the zombies showed up anyway.

    • dusk2dawn4 says:

      The only way to avoid them showing up would be to leave for a remote island that had limited or none inhabitants before the end came. Only then you are cutting yourself off from supplies. Hiding is possible in the short run, but you’re always going to end up doing something to draw attention to yourself.
      Thanks for reading and commenting

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