Posted: February 25, 2013 in Movies

indemnity frontYear: 2010

Genre: Horror

Running Time: 51m

Director: David Dietz

Writer: David Dietz

Starring: David Dietz, Daniel I. Radakovich, Seth James

IMDB Page:


Guy walks into a bar. Barman says ‘What can I get you?’ and the man says ‘Give me a brandy’. Barman says ‘Brandy? That drink’s for calming nerves. Your nerves need calming?’. The guy says ‘Oh yes! My ex-girlfriend is on her way and trying to kill me’…

OK, get rid of that anticipatory smile, this is not the start of a joke, but more the outset of David Dietz’ short(ish) horror movie, Indemnity. Actually, scratch that. Keep smiling. One thing this movie has an abundance of is humor, and it’s pretty sharp too. Forgive me David, if you are not a fan, but this movie brought to mind early Kevin Smith, but with a plot rather than just a series of conversations. The writing, if not the overall outcome of Indemnity is unpredictable, throwing cheesy lines in the air which are brought straight back down to earth with a reply that for once makes you lie to yourself when you say ‘That’s what I would have said’ rather than roll your eyes. It doesn’t take long to realize that the chemistry between William (our ‘hero’) and Joe (the bar owner) is fantastic…which comes as a relief because the majority of the movie is just these two characters advancing the plot with their interacting.

As the story develops, we begin to find out just what has William on the run (and drinking Brandy). It seems he met a girl in a bar, and started building a pretty decent relationship with her. It went to crap though when she invites him in one night and suddenly becomes wild. Since then, he has been the prey in her hunt as she follows him wherever he goes, really trying to kill the poor guy. According to William, he doesn’t know what the cause of the change was, but the obvious answers (to get the police involved, to kill her first) apparently aren’t an option to him. Tension is rising as, while he is telling his story, we see his ex working her way closer to the bar, and also that she is, in fact, a vampire!

I saw a lot of promise of success in the 50 minute runtime of Indemnity. The movie shows great writing skill, as was so impressive I already jumped in and mentioned. Acting was decent, the country music soundtrack fit the setting perfectly and the fight scenes were pretty awesome (especially the William/Bubba fight. That scene was actually better choreographed than some commercial movies I’ve watched lately). As a whole, this is definitely worth me recommending, as long as plot and pacing is important for your viewing pleasure. There is no gore, so don’t expect buckets of blood, nor is there a huge budget so don’t expect a ton of special effects. This is more about building tension and mystery for the final scenes, rather like an extended episode of Tales from the Darkside or Tales from the Crypt. So if you like those, you are gonna like this (for the record, and I’ve probably mentioned this before, but for me an overuse of gore and effects really can kill a movie like this. There is a skill involved in even knowing who your target audience is, and not to tarnish what you have). I have hope that we will be seeing a lot more of David Dietz and the Indemnity team in the future.

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